My name is Irina and I am an illustrator/designer based in Finland. Drawing floral and botanical motifs has been my long time hobby which turned into an occupation. My favourite forms are watercolor illustrations and calligraphy. Most of the items you see on this website are hand drawn first and then digitized and edited.

I offer two types of services:
  • ready - made wedding sets and stationery you can see on the website (prices are available in descriptions);
  • custom wedding sets and stationery made exclusively for a client (Please contact me for the pricelist).
How I work:

1. Idea

You describe your idea to me, we define the final product to be delivered and the schedule for our project

2. First sketches

I make and send you the first pencil sketches and he suggested color palette. After that you comment on the sketches and I make the necessary corrections. You confirm the first sketches.

3. Drawing

I draw the design elements. You comment, I correct, you confirm.

4. Editing

I digitize and edit the designs, add the necessary details (ex. text). I send you several options of the final designs, you choose, I correct, you confirm.

5. Delivery

I upload your designs (in various formats) to a Dropbox folder, where they are available for 2 weeks for you to download. You receive a link to the Dropbox folder. If you ordered printed copies they are delivered to you by post (delivery is included in the price) according to the schedule we have defined at the beginning.


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