My name is Irina, I am a watercolor and line art illustrator based in Finland. I'm Russian originally, and I came to Finland to do my Master's Degree in cultural heritage studies. Studies were fun, worklife afterwards was't=) So, I ended up drawing flowers and designing beautiful stationery with my illustrations.

I create wedding stationery, postcards and greeting cards, logos, business cards and branding materials. And anything else you can put floral and botanical illustrations on.

I offer two types of services

  • ready - made designs;
  • custom designs.

Wedding stationery price list

Ready made (non exclusive hand drawn designs)

EUR 80.00 - 100.00

The final price depends on the number of items/design variations we need to produce.

You can choose entire designs or separate elements from my pre-designed collection. The collection is being constantly updated. I edit a template or mix and combine the elements and offer you 3 - 4 options to choose from.

Click here to see the pre-designed collection.

Custom (exclusive hand drawn designs)

EUR 130.00 - 160.00

The final price depends on the number of items/design variations we need to produce.

You can order any items such as invitations, save the dates, table numbers, place cards, envelopes, posters etc. Usually I create one design and modify and adapt it to various items.


It's hard to state printing prices without knowing what to print=) Here are some rough estimates:

  • 50 invitations - EUR 35.00
  • 50 A6 save the date cards - EUR 25.00
  • 50 place cards with names - EUR 12.00
  • A3/A2 seating chart poster - EUR 12.00/15.00

This pricing can be an approximate estimate for other types of designs (logos, business cards, posters) taking into consideration the types of illustrations we use (existing/custom), the number of designs we need to create. Email me for an estimate.

How I work

1. Idea

You describe your idea to me, we define the final product to be delivered and the schedule for our project

2. First sketches

I send you the first pencil sketches. I make the necessary corrections according to your comments.

3. Drawing

I draw the design elements and correct if necessery.

4. Editing

I send several options of the designs for you to choose from.

5. Delivery

I upload your designs to a Dropbox folder, where they are available for 2 weeks for you to download. Prints are delivered to you by post (delivery is included in the price) or in case of large posters (they are easily damaged) I deliver prints in person or ask you to pick them up from the printing place yourself.

P.S. I really love printng=) It makes me super happy to choose paper and formats with the clients, receive the prints and pack them. I'm happy to show you paper samples and choose the right style.

All prices include VAT.


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